FLAGZ SOUND is a multi genre sound hailing from London, roots in the Caribbean.

With no genre too diffcult and no event too small, we bring the same vibe and musical experince to every event.

For ever present at some of the biggest carnivals and events throughout the years.

We pride ourselves on delivering the authentic Caribbean Sound to the U.K, Europe & Worldwide.



m dj Majikal, been a DJ since 14, now at 23 years old I am still here doing what I love. The love of music came from generations and generations of family. From my great grandad building sound boxes to my own dad being a radio DJ.

From 8 years old I had a passion for music and thus sparked where I am today. A fond memory of mine is Falling asleep on subwoofers as a child from packing the sound. I have been part of my 2nd family Flagz since 14. Between me and them I have grown into what I am today and still growing and learning new things. 2011 & 2012 was nominated for young DJ of the year but unfortunately never picked up the prize.

I do everything for the love of music and the fame and fortune comes as a bonus to me. I thrive off the vibes other people give me and always deliver 200%.



m Deejay Dee I’ve always been around music from young & I grew up listening to RNB, Dancehall & Soca more time my uncle and my dad had crates of CDs I use to just play now and again.

At 14 DJ Coolie G taught me the basics about djing using Virtual DJ which then I stared to do for fun on my computer at home then eventually we started to rock house parties around 16 by time I hit 18 I was djing on a float in carnival thanks to FlagzMasBand in front of thousands of people. Also D-Squad helped me to learn how to use CDs and eventually move onto Serato Software and helped me gain that confidence in playing in clubs around London.

Now that I have turned 21 I am apart of Flagz Sound which has given me the opportunity to play in different countries around the world Jamaica, Berlin, Switzerland, Rotterdam.

I have a passion for entertaining crowds alongside my team with the way we play music and also I’ve started to learn how to produce & edit music. I put 100% in anything to do with with djing because of the feedback and positive vibes I receive from others who listen to my mixes and radio show.



m Dj Bostman started my djing journey back in 2004 but always been around music song system from since I was young been apart of different sounds and groups over the years. I have been a part of the flagz Family for many years and currently apart of Flagz sounds also do a radio show every Saturday on TheBeat London 103.6fm call The SocaWorld Show.

I like all types of music good vibes and fun to see people enjoying themselves I would say the best time or memory in my career was winning the calabash award back in 2009 for the Best Young Soca Dj

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m DJ Limzy I first started DJing back in 2010. I’ve always loved music and dancing but being around my family sound and always being interested I decided to learn the craft. After I brought my 1st cd case and set of blank CDs I began to download and burn my music and with the help of DJ Rolo, I taught myself how to mix. Then after attending many Flagz Mas Camps to practise, I brought my own equipment which was the start of my endless practicing. After a lot of hard work my first bookings came from my Universities ACS Society & Flagz Soca Fete.
I joined a group with my friends called D-Squad Entertainment. We held weekly events around south London and this helped a lot with playing other genres and being more comfortable behind decks. Flagz Mas Band then allowed me to play on their truck during Notting Hill Carnival and this was an experience in itself.

Becoming apart of Flagz Sound allowed me to play to bigger crowds, amongst bigger DJ’s and in different locations including Europe. This meant more people were able to hear me play and hear what I’m about. This is only the beginning.



m Dj Coolie G and I have Been Around Family Djs From A Young Age. Always Loved Reggae Music through My Child Hood And Also Growing Up To The Sounds Of Funky House, Hip-Hop And Bashment Music. Started My Own Little Set Up When I Was 14, Using Speakers From My Uncles And Buying Equipment.

Me And Deejay Dee Started Doing House Parties At The Age Of 16-18 And It All Started. With The Helping Hands From D-Squad Entertainment Started Playing In Night Clubs And Then I Eventually Joined Flagz Sound Where I Have a been Given The Opportunity To Play In Front Of Big Vibrant Crowds And Amazing Party’s.



m Sir Influential! Vibrant, energetic and funny are just some of the characteristics that are used to describe to me . It is these traits that have allowed me to venture into the world of Hosting at parties! I’m still very early in my journey as I started in November 2015 with the help of FatzOfficial and Dj Stlyah(Dancehall syndicate) who gave me my first bookings as a host and taught me the basics.

Fast forward 8 months and I’m now apart of Flagz Sound and the team, especially Silk, Dj Bostman and Dj Majikal have continued to groom me into a confident Mic man!